I’ve seen some of the flutes that he has professionally handcrafted and not only was I blown away with how they look, but the wonderful sounds that came from them.

My favorite was one of them that was slightly bigger and it produced such an amazing deeper full- bodied sound.

If you are a flute musician you have to have one of these!

You can’t find these in stores anywhere to such a degree of craftsmanship. Please contact Gary today to get yours!!

Rick Hawks
Rick Hawks

My Sweet B flute was made to perfection and what I really love about it is that each one is unique in its own way. No 2 are the same… ty Gary & Rhonda it is awesome and being a beginner I have not mastered it…. but will come with practice thank you and much agape and blessings sent your way!

Linda Ho
Linda Ho

These flutes are beautiful but most importantly they are anointed of Yahweh. I am in awe as I hear Gary playing the various flutes he has made with his own hands. Now, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will soon be playing love songs to our King also. You’ll probably never find flutes like this anywhere else — truly a blessing.

Lynn Crable
Lynn Crable

Introduction To Tribe Of Judah Bamboo Flutes

Bamboo flutes are beautiful and amazing instruments. The wood tonality of a bamboo flute produces a very unique sound unlike any other. Bamboo is a very strong wood and durable, but like all wood there needs to be proper care taken for it. However, with that being said, I have taken the bamboo flutes I have made through very cold and hot conditions in our 10 years of travel as itinerate worship leaders and to this day they are still in great shape.


My journey of handcrafting bamboo flutes began in the year 2006. Up to that point in time I had previously played a plastic recorder flute that was given to me as a gift. One evening after prayer and worship, at a Church I worked security at, I asked a friend and Brother in Christ to lay his hands on me and pray for me. He also happened to be an excellent flute player himself. I humbly asked the Lord Jesus that He would impart to me what He desired to give.


A few months went by after that initial prayer and it came to pass one day as I was walking near the river by the Church that I discovered bamboo growing. When I saw the bamboo I heard the Holy Spirit say:

“Now make for Me bamboo flutes.”

Oh? I thought about it – and my first response was, “But I don’t know how to even do that.” — There is no use arguing with God on something when He speaks to you on a subject because He will always be right. So in obedience I immediately cut down bamboo and started crafting away.


About one month after I learned how to make the flutes I then heard a question the Holy Spirit asked.

Where have My instrument makers gone too? They have taken their gifts to make instruments for worldly and fleshly purposes. But I am calling for them to come back to Me with their gifts to make Holy consecrated instruments for My people. Set apart musical instruments as weapons in their hands for My Glory.

This is why the bamboo flutes I make are called “Tribe Of Judah” flutes. Jesus Yeshua is the Lion of the Tribe Of Judah, and Judah represents praise. And so began my journey of making bamboo flutes for the Lord and His people.

I take this flute making call very serious and I put my best effort forward into handcrafting them. To YAHWEH be all the Glory with what He does with them! — Gary